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This is a story about action.  Not fluff.  This is about making real change. Actionable insights and behavioral nudges that help you be a better human.  Achieve career goals, personal goals, community goals, your goals. 

But there is a problem we must overcome first.  You see, we have been taught all the wrong things when it comes to leadership and drive.  Those same things are compounded by the way we've designed organizations.  They're designed to be efficient, but really they are just the path of least resistance, to make it easy for us.  The core skills that make up great leaders, successful entrepreneurs, inspiring individuals, great parents, best friends, helpful peers, none are taught to us.  And our flaws, our bad habits, our brain's own mechanisms that slow us down aren't highlighted in a helpful way. 

To be a better leader, it has to start with breaking down your own story and understanding why we do what we do.  Then we can change for the better. Small nudges, gentle pressure, but relentlessly applied.  

That's what we do.  From short sharp coaching sessions, to larger team dynamics programs.  We help humanize leadership to increase productivity, creativity, and results.  We are with you for as much of the journey as you see fit.  We are about lasting change.

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Humanized leadership coach.

My great love in life is the joy I get from learning. The energy of scribbling something down you've heard, or a quote from a new book.  I also am a total coffee snob, which comes from my Melbourne, Australia upbringing. 

My leadership philosophy is simple. The job of a leader is to create the space for their team to be brilliant. If you can create a diverse team of smart thinkers and give them the direction, time, resources and support they need, they will get the job done. Vulnerability, fun, and kindness helps too. My working career is in management consulting, start-up advisory, leadership coaching, and several executive roles in the corporate world.  I'm also a published author of books on large scale operational transformation. 

I believe that we all get better when we meet more humans, so feel free to reach out and let's see if we are a good fit.

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